An Old Soul's Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything

by Tony Stubbs, author of An Ascension Handbook
A Worldview that examines spirituality and living with soul

Monthly Study Group in Las Vegas, NV has become
the "Death Without Fear" study group.

However you can still acquire
the LWS Study Group Handouts here.

And you can acquire the amazing set of six books
by Monsignor Benson here.


1. How It All Began: Why does anything exist? What is the purpose of the Earth plane? Who created the physical plane and all the other dimensions? What is a soul?
2. Life on the Soul Plane: Who and where was I before I came to Earth? What was I doing? What will I do when I die? What's life like on the soul plane?
3. The God Myth: Is God real? Or was God an ET who the wandering Hebrews encountered near Mount Sinai and turned into a legend? If so, who or what is the true Source of All That Is?
4. The Jesus Conspiracy: Did Jesus really live or is the New Testament character pure fiction? Is there any evidence for his existence other than the New Testament?
5. Earth Life Preparation: How did I create my personality? (The Michael Teachings, Enneagrams, etc.) Why did I choose my parents? Or this moment in time? (Born-in vs. Walk-in) What are chakras and spirit guides? Why did I forget who I really am?
6. Earth School and Back Home Again: How did I incarnate here? What happens when I die? What's a Near-Death Experience (NDE)?
7. Life as a Spiritual Being: Now that I know I am soul, how will that change my life? How do I block love?
8. Soulful Relationships: How can I improve my relationships with my mate, parents, children, friends, animals, etc.?


9. Working with Energy: Why do pyramids work? Or dowsing? Or uscle-testing?
10. Biorhythms: What are the cycles of your body, emotions, mind and soul?
11. Being an Old Soul in a Young Soul World: Why does the world look crazy to us old souls?
12. Life in a Spiritual Society: What would a society look like if it followed a spiritual worldview and people practiced living with soul?
13. Reincarnation: How does it work? Why do we need it? Who or what actually reincarnates?
14. The Other Side from the Other Side: What does the soul plane look like to someone already there? What do "the dead" have to tell us? Read 'eye witness' accounts from two people already there.
15. The Shift: What's really going to happen on December 21, 2012? Will the world end? Why are all the ETs here? Who are they and what do they want of us? And what is ET spirituality? Do they worship a god-figure?
16. Divine Alignment: How can you get more closely aligned with your soul?
17. Becoming Soul-Centered: In a nutshell, what are the answers to the Big Four questions: Who am I? Who and where was I before coming here? Why did I come here? Where do I go when I'm done? So what's the bottom line of being more spiritual?

No apologies, but this book is huge. After all, it's the "Old Soul's Guide to Life, the Universe and EVERYTHING," so it's bound to big. In fact, if it isn't in this book, you don't need to know about it. Volume 1 alone is over 400 pages, 7 x 10 inches, jammed with information, complete with hundreds of photos, charts and diagrams. And Volume 2 is 308 pages.

For excerpts from each chapter, please click on the navigation buttons top left, or start here with Chapter 1 (How It All Began).

Published by Dandelion Books

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Study Group
How It All Began (1)
Life on the Soul Plane (2)
The God Myth (3)
The Jesus Conspiracy (4)
Earth Life Preparation (5)
Earth School (6)
Life as a Spiritual Being (7)
Soulful Relationships (8)
Working with Energy (9)
Biorhythms (10)
Being an Old Soul (11)
Life in a Spiritual Society (12)
Reincarnation (13)
The Other Side (14)
The Shift (15)
Divine Alignment (16)
Becoming Soul-centered (17)